20 Amazing Words of English One Word

Question 1

Fear of height.

Question 2

A person who is physically dependent on a substance.

Question 3

Member of a tribe that wanders from place to place with no fixed home.

Question 4

A child born after the death of its father is called.

Question 5

An impudent girl.

Question 6

Malafide case is one.........

Question 7

Hundredth anniversary.

Question 8

The art or practice of spying.

Question 9

An animal or plant living in or upon another.

Question 10

Fit to be chosen.

Question 11

Person with whom one works.

Question 12

A movement of part of the body to express an idea or feeling.

Question 13

A place of happiness.

Question 14

Fear of water.

Question 15

A magnificent tomb.

Question 16

Give answer in one word.

Words inscribed on tomb.

Question 17

A lover of dogs.

Question 18

Fear of water.

Question 19

Give answer in one word.

Easily duped or fooled.

Question 20

Give answer in one word.

One who eats everything.

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20 Amazing Words of English One Word








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20 Amazing Words of English One Word

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20 Amazing Words of English One Word

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20 Amazing NDA English Questions with Executive Makers. What is NDA and How can we prepare for NDA exam ?

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