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The most trusted brand in the education sector in India for the preparation of the competitive examinations. We provide eBooks at your fingertips through mobile, Laptops & Desktop.Now no need to go to the market and waste our time in searching among the books which one is the best & the most convenient for us.    All the books are very selective & exam oriented so Download now & enjoy reading and get the perfection in very short period of time.
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Our story

One-stop solution for all competitive preparation

Executive Makers is the leading eBooks provider for all competitive examinations. At present, we have thousands of readers all over India & in some other countries. We have a good range of books in a very short period of time .Our books are exams oriented so with the help of our books, a student can prepare himself or herself in just 30 to 45 days. We have numerous test papers, speed papers, magazines & books that have been written according to the latest pattern of competitive exams. Many students have been selected in different Government sectors due to our books & their dedication and faith so Don’t waste time & be a reader.

Decades of experience

We have a great experience in teaching all competitive subjects & writing all competitive books.Our method of teaching is very different from the conventional method.We have a lot of short tricks that are the need for the present students so we know very well that what kind of questions should be there in the books. We focus these questions & explain them thoroughly. We entertain only quality and not merely quantity. We encourages students to ‘put a lot in’ and then we empower them to ‘get a lot out’, making rapid change in their level of knowledge.

Your Growth ! Our Objective !

What is the definition of right books for a student?                                            According to us, A book would be special for a student due to its conciseness, exactness & used words. If a book is very good for a student then this is not necessary that It would be useful for other students as the level of knowledge of the students is different to one another so the writing ability for the books must be very specific……………..

We try to include these above merits in the ability of writing our books so that a student may attain true knowledge through our books……………..          If a student attains growth in his studies by our efforts, we would be very thankful to God………..