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[Motivation] Power Points For A Personality

[Motivation] Power Points For A Personality   POWER POINTS “We are far more productive than perhaps any other generation in history. We now have the tools—technological, strategic, and personal— that can help us in our efforts to manage our time, enhance our efficiency, and better manage our lives.”   THE ELEMENTS OF GOAL MANAGEMENT Managing […]

[Get Motivated] Expect the unexpected

Welcome & Expect the unexpected Most people do not see themselves as being creative, but we all are. Most people say, “My sister’s creative, she paints,” or “My father’s creative, he sings and writes music.” We miss the point that we are all creative. One of the reasons we don’t see ourselves that way is […]


[GET MOTIVATED] UPGRADE YOUR OLD HABITS Super motivation is much more difficult to achieve when we are held back mentally by bad habits. Trying to move toward the life we want. But here’s the catch: Bad habits simply cannot be broken. Nor can they be gotten rid of. Ask the millions who continue to try. […]

[Get Motivated] Find your inner Einstein & Dreaming is essential

Find your inner Einstein Dreaming is essential The next time you see a picture of Albert Einstein, realize that that’s actually you. See Albert Einstein and say, “there I am.” Every human has the capacity for some form of genius. You don’t have to be good with math or physics to experience genius level in […]

[Get Motivated] Who I am is what I see!

Who I am is what I see! Learn to sweat in peace The harder you are on yourself, the easier life is on you. Or the more you sweat in peacetime, the less you bleed in war. Who I am is what I see! When I am happy, I see the happiness in others. When […]


The SUCCESS 6 Formula There is a difference between the “person who succeeds” and the “successful person”. The person who succeeds might also fail. There is no clear pattern of success and no guarantee that he or she will recover from setbacks. A successful person, however, consistently succeeds. There is a clear pattern of success. […]


      A MOTIVATION STORY TO SUCCEED If you sincerely want something, the potential to bring it into reality already exists within you — and in those with whom you can connect. ENGLISH WORD POWER I call this potential the “Acorn”. It is the seed that has the potential to one day grow into […]


“One cannot even think of managing one’s time unless one first knows where it goes.” As we know that we have been living in a very busy life. This life is so busy that…….   (1) we don’t want to know (2) We don’t want to think (3) We don’t want to reconsider  our actions (4) […]


  GENERAL STUDIES QUIZZES Use your brain chemicals We often hear that we should be optimistic and we have to be optimistic in every situation. But According to us, Optimism is the inner quality of a personality. We have to use our brain chemicals so that we may think in right direction……. There are […]

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