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[Free Eye Opening Blog] [English Grammar] Learn Clauses and It Kinds & Crack Your Exam

Clauses Clauses are defined as the group of words that have a subject and a predicate. It is a part of sentence that contains a subject and a finite verb. Examples : (1) I am going home. (2) Sheela speaks loudly. In the above examples, ‘I’ and ‘Sheela’ are the subject, while ‘going’ and ‘speaks’ […]

[English] [Word Power] 50 Important Synonyms For All Competitive Exams

Get Perfection With Executive Makers [English] [Word Power] 50 Important Synonyms Arouse – Agitate, instigate Artisan – Crafts person Ascetic – Austere August – Majestic, grand Avarice – Greed Awkward – Clumsy, ungraceful Beg – Ask, request Behaviour – Conduct Brave – Courageous, intrepid, bold, valiant Benevolent – Generous Biennial – Every two years Beguile […]

[English] [Word Power] 50 Important One Word For All Competitive Exams

Improve English With Executive Makers [English] [Word Power] 50 Important One Word For All Competitive Exams 1. Abdication – Voluntary giving up of throne 2. Amphibian – Animal that live both on land and sea 3. Allegory – A story expressing ideas 4. Aquatic – Animals that live in water 5. Anonymous – Bearing no […]

[English] [Word Power] 50 Important Synonyms For All Competitive Exams

[English] [Word Power] 50 Important Synonyms For All Competitive Exams Accomplice – Partner in crime Assiduous – Diligent, industrious Assimilate – Absorb Ambush – Sudden attack Acronym – Words with the same first letter Auspicious – Favourable Archaic – Old fashioned, ancient, antique Avian – Concerning birds Awkward – Clumsy Allure – Entice, tempt, cajole […]

[English] [Word Power] 50 Important One Words For All Competitive Exams

[English] [Word Power] 50 Important One Words For All Competitive Exams Fear of foreigners – Xenophobia Departure of many people – Exodus One who cannot be corrected – Incorrigible A government by God – Theocracy A government by a king – Monarchy A government by a few people – Oligarchy One who hates books – […]

[English] [Word Power] 50 Synonyms

SYNONYMS Easy Learning With Executive Makers                        A Adamant – Stubborn Adverse  – Hostile, Unfavourable Accord – Agreement Adulterate – Make impure Admonish – Warning Aptitude –Talent, ability Alimony – Payment by husband to divorced wife Ambiguous – Doubtful, dubious, obscure Abjure – Give up Adjure – Request Acme – Apex Analogy – Similarity Adversity […]

[English] [Word Power] 50 Important One Words

[English] [Word Power] 50 Important One Words Improve Yourself With Executive Makers A group of islands – Archipelago A dramatic show –  Masque One who is skilled in horsemanship – Equestrian A lover of God – Philotheist A lover of dogs – Canophilist Fear of water – Hydrophobia Fear of a dead body – Nacrophobia […]

[English] Important Collective Nouns For All Competitive Exams

[English] Important Collective Nouns Words Denoting Collection   An album of photos/stamps.   An anthology of poems.   An army of soldiers.   A band of musicians/robbers.   A battalion of soldiers.   A battery of guns.   A beam of rays.   A bench of judges.   A bevy of girls.   A board […]

[Improve English] Word Power For all Competitive Exams

20 Important Words 1. One who cannot be pleased – Fastidious 2. One who is very showy – Flamboyant 3. One who is not orthodox – Heterodox 4. Exaggeration in speaking or writing – Hyperbole 5. That cannot be put into practice – Impracticable 6. One who cannot be defeated – Invincible 7. A community […]

[English] Set Paper For All Competitive Exams

Practice set English Language   Directions (Q. Nos. 1 and 2) Choose the correct spelt word. (1) Guarantee         (2) Guaruntee (3) Garantee           (4) Guareentee (1) Dismised            (2) Dismissed (3) Dissmised          (4) Desmised Directions (Q. Nos. 3 and 4) Choose the correct meaning of the following idioms from the given choice. A chicken hearted fellow (1) […]

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