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Scientific Instruments

  • Altimeter Measures altitudes in aircraft.

  • Ammeter Measures strength of electric current.

  • Anemometer Measures velocity of wind.

  • Audiometer Measures intensity of sound.

  • Barometer Measures atmospheric pressure.

  • Bolometer Measures heat radiation.

  • Calipers Measure inner and outer diameters.

  • Calorimeter Measures quantities of heat.

  • Cardiogram (ECG) Traces movements of the heart.

  • Cryometer A type of thermometer used to measure very low temperatures.

  • Cyclotron A charged particle accelerator.

  • Dynamo To convert mechanical energy into electrical energy.

  • Dynamometer Measures electrical power.

  • Electroencephalograph (EEC) Records and interprets the electrical waves of the brain.

  • Endoscope To examine internal parts of the body.

  • Fathometer Measures depth of the ocean.

  • Galvanometer Measures electric current.

  • Hydrometer Measures the relative density of liquids.

  • Hygrometer Measures level of humidity.

  • Hydrophone Measures sound under water.

  • Lactometer Measures the relative density of milk to determine purity.

  • Manometer Measures the pressure of gases.

  • Micrometer Converts sound waves into electrical vibrations.

  • Ondometer Measures the frequency of electromagnetic waves.


  • Periscope To view objects above sea level used in submarines.

  • Pyrheliometer Measures components of solar radiation.

  • Pyrometer Measures very high temperature.

  • Refractometer Measures refractive indices.

  • Salinometer Determines salinity of solutions.

  • Sphygmometer Measures blood pressure.

  • Stereoscope To view two dimensional pictures.

  • Stethoscope Used by doctors to analyse heart and lung sounds.

  • Tachometer To determine the rotational speed of a shaft used in aeroplanes and motor boats.

  • Galvanometer Measures the presence of current.

  • Teleprinter Receives and sends typed messages.

  • Telescope To view distant objects in space.

  • Thermometer Measures temperature.

  • Thermostat Regulates temperature at a particular point.

  • Tonometer To measure the pitch of a sound.

  • Transponder To receive a signal and transmit a reply immediately.

  • Udometer Rain gauge.

  • Venturimeter To measure the rate of flow of liquids.

  • Viscometer Measures the viscosity of liquids.


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