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The SUCCESS 6 Formula

There is a difference between the “person who succeeds” and
the “successful person”. The person who succeeds might also
fail. There is no clear pattern of success and no guarantee
that he or she will recover from setbacks. A successful person, however, consistently succeeds. There is a clear pattern
of success. Even if that person fails, he or she would bounce
back and rise to higher levels of success.
PRAISE is a life skills model that will help develop you as
a successful person.

It embodies six key concepts for success:

• Prize dream
• Rules
• Analysis
• Invincibility
• Strategy
• Excellence

Before I developed PRAISE, I made only slow and steady
progress. The PRAISE model propelled me to the top and
helped me stay there!
PRAISE offers what I call the SUCCESS 6 Formula:
Set the Prize dream. This will initiate the process of change
and lead you to discover a lifetime CHANGE formula.
Use internal Rules. Learn to think out of the box. This
gives you a lifetime CREATIVITY formula.
Conduct Analysis. Examine the factors for or against
you. Find your higher cause. This is your lifetime PASSION
Cultivate Invincibility. Acquire the virtues that lead to
invincibility. These give you a lifetime FULFILMENT formula.
Execute the Strategy. Turn weaknesses into strengths, setbacks into opportunities. This is your lifetime LEARNING
Sustain Excellence. Achieve it over and over again in a
cycle of unlimited success. Acquire a lifetime EXCELLENCE

Success shall be yours, without limits.

Before we apply PRAISE, we must watch for the six negative influences that spell out the word SADDLE:
• Self-pity
• Arrogance
• Distractions
• Daydreams
• Laziness
• Exaggerated fear


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