What is Noun and it Kinds

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Definition: The name of a person, place or thing is said to be the noun.

Examples : Rajesh, Book, School, Table, India etc.

Kinds of Nouns : There are five kinds of a noun-

1. Common Noun

2. Proper Noun

3. Material Noun

4. Collective Noun

5. Abstract Noun

1. Common Noun : This noun indicates every person or thing of the same class.

Man, Woman, Chair, River, City etc.

Examples :

(1) This boy is very intelligent.

(2) This girl has a different attitude.

(3) The fan should be without noise.

(4) This chair is very attractive .

(5) This city is very famous.

2. Proper Noun : This noun indicates a unique person or thing.

Ram, Reena, Neelkamal, Ganga, Meerut etc.

Examples :

(1) Amit is a very good player.

(2) Poonam is very hard working .

(3) The Geeta is a religious book.

(4) Meerut is very famous city.

(5) Neelkamal is a famous company of plastic furniture.

3. Material Noun : This noun indicates any material .

Iron, Gold, Silver, Plastic, Leather etc.

Examples :

(1) Wood of this table is very good.

(2) Plastic is not good for atmosphere.

(3) Leather should not be used.

(4) Gold is the precious metal.

(5) Silver is called white metal.

Note : Article ‘the’ cannot be used with material noun but to indicate something, article ‘the’ can be used with material noun.

Example :

(1) The plastic of this chair is of good quality.

4. Collective Noun : This noun indicates name of groups.

Mob, crowd, Fleet, Syndicate, Flight etc.

Examples :

(1) The army should be powerful.

(2) Our safety depends on the police .

(3) The mob is a group of angry persons.

(4) The fleet is at a very good height.

(5)  The  team is looking very good.

Note : Sometimes the collective noun takes plural verb and    plural pronoun.

Example :

(1) The jury are divided in their decision.

Some collective nouns

1. An army of soldiers.

2. An alliance of states.

3. An assembly of representatives.

4. An attendance of servants.

5. An audience of listeners.

6. A band of musicians.

7. A battery of guns.

8. A bench of judges .

9. A block of houses.

10. A bouquet of flowers.

11. A board of directors.

12. A code of laws.

13. A cloud of locusts.

14. A cluster of islands.

15. A constellation of stars.

16. A circle of friends.

17. A commonwealth{ hive} of bees.

18. A congregation of worshipers.

19. A convoy of ships.

20. A crew of sailors.

21. A crowd of people.

22. A herd of cattle (pasturing).

23. A family of plants.

24. A flight of arrows.

25. A flock of sheep.

26. A flight of birds.

27. A fall of snow or rain.

28. A gallery of pictures.

29. A hoard of wealth.

30. A heap of stones or sand.

31. A jumble of things without order.

32. A kennel of dogs.

33. A lock of hair.

34. A mob of angry people.

35. An order of knights.

36. A pack of wolves.

37. A pile of woods.

38. A panel of inspectors.

39. A range of mountains.

40. A relay of horses.

41. A roll of names.

42. A sea of troubles.

43. A stock of language.

44. A string of pearls.

45. A syllabus of studies.

46. A syndicate of merchants.

47. A swarm of locusts.

48. A tissue of lies.

49. A volley of arrows.

50. A world of troubles.

5. Abstract Noun : This noun indicates names of a feeling , quality or a state .

Feeling  :  Love, fear, hate, anger, respect, pleasure, etc.

Quality  :   Strength, Innocence, Judgement, obedience, beauty, etc.

State : Death, Youth, Childhood, Poverty, Sickness, etc.

Examples :

(1) I have a great respect for you.

(2) I feel pleasure at morning walk.

(3) The beauty of this picture can attract anyone.

(4) The innocence of this child inspires me.

(5) Now a days, poverty is a curse in our society.

Note : The abstract nouns are not used in plural.


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