Time to change foreign policy of India


If India does not get any advantage from BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China & South Africa) and RIC (Russia, India and China)  summits then avoid these summits and think about the new summits where China is not suppressive mood.

There is a huge tension between India and China at LAC in Laddakh. Although both countries agree to back their army but at present no change is there. Army of both countries present at LAC and ready to face each other.

Recently, S. Jaishankar, the foreign minister of India took part in virtual sitting of foreign ministers of RIC (Russia, India and China). S. Jaishankar said that The violence committed by the soldiers of China at LAC was a pre-planned conspiracy.

The main objective of making RIC was to control the monopoly of America but it could not be done. Every country was in the touch of America directly or indirectly. China got the maximum advantage of this RIC by boosting its economic and trade relations with America.

India also changed its foreign policy and set good relations with America. China was increasing its power while India was not constant at its decisions for America. The result is that the difference between the power of China and India increased.

The foreign policy of New Delhi was not oriented for its goals and achievements. By the platform of RIC, India entered into BRICS where the power of China can be observed.

The foreign policy of India could not understand the future policies of China and America. Meanwhile, the inclination of Russia increased to China and the challenges for India increased now. Today relations between Russia and China are very strong.

At present RIC is just formality. Each and every decision was finalized by China. World’s politics is changing rapidly. India cannot be satisfied with the position where India gets a loss in comparison to China.

New Delhi could not express easily in front of other countries, especially China. After 1962, the border activities of India are very minor in comparison to China. On the contrary, China was very progressive at LAC for making the roads so that China could get advantage at the time of war against India. But now India is aware about its foreign policy and everything is clear.

Under new foreign policy, India is also making roads at LAC and China is opposing. This is the main point of dispute between China and India. China cannot see any progressive activities by India.

India cannot forget what China did at Galvan valley at LAC and should not be forgotten as 20 soldiers of India became martyred due to treachery of China.

The whole world knows that India is not responsible for this incident at Galvan valley because India don’t attack any country without any reason. At present, China is increasing its troops and is not ready to leave the disputed place. In response of this, India is also increasing its troops and ready to challenge China. This is the new foreign policy of India.

China is thinking to capture some important places at LAC as Galvan valley, Pangonk and Daulat Beg Oldi. India joined Daulat Beg Oldi through roads. This is the reason of the tension of China. In 1962, China captured the northern east part of Jammu & Kashmir and this place is said to be Axai China. At present, Axai China is in the control of China.

Now everyone in India is ready to challenge China whether he is soldier or citizen. But Congress party is not satisfied with the foreign policy of Modi’s government. Rahul Gandhi has been alleging the BJP and its leaders. Congress party is not realising that this party is responsible for the LAC dispute between India and China.

Jawaharlal Nehru could not understand the foreign policy of China and did not try to take back the occupied part of India by China. This is the big mistake by India. Rahul Gandhi doesn’t know much about the foreign policy of India. He has been talking without logic & idea. He is busy in only politics. At this time, the whole country must be united but the opinion of Congress Party is very different and strange.

China is the biggest trade partner of India. China invested a lot in India. Except this, Most of the Indian industries depend on China for raw material and tools & instruments. If India wants to boycott china then dependence on China must be decreased. But this is not possible in one night. Every Indian should think about it that Be Indian & Buy Indian.

Recently, The Finance Minister of India said that there is no need to import everything from China. There are many products that India is able to manufacture them. There is no need to import the idol of Lord Ganesha at the occasion of Diwali. There are many articles which must not be imported from China. This point must be included in the foreign policy of India.

At present, Indians should control their feelings also as there is such a atmosphere in the market of India that all Indians must boycott the products of China at once. But doing so, the industries of India may face many problems after lockdown like shortage of raw material and tools & instruments. The dependence on China cannot be removed in a day while this is the matter of 60 to 70 years after independence of India in 1947.

To less the dependence on China, India should work on long strategic plans. For this, all industries of India should make up their mind against China and support the Indian government. At present, all industries of India are dependent on China to the great extent but must not be depended in future.

China is in attacking mood against India so every Indian must be ready to challenge China. Every Indian must have a thought that we have to do all things without support of China.

India is a democratic country & every Indian feels proud about it. This is also right that most of the Indians are not aware of the laws. Indians should be careful about their responsibilities.

“Make in India” is very important aspect of the foreign policy of India. Every Indian should contribute in this aspect by his skill, merit & will power. Indians should be innovative by their minds so that they could support their country.

Each & Every country in the world knows very well that India is very big market. By the end of 2020, Indians would be approx 140 crore. Most of the Indians are only consumer not producer. This is very strange. This indicates that there are a few Indians who are true entrepreneurs, engineers & professionals. You can see that there are many social media companies in Indian market like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, UC Browsers, tiktok & many others but no Indian company is there.

Actually, I want to say that there are a large number of Engineers & Doctors but a few of them have quality in themselves.

In last 5 years, many changes can be seen in Indian atmosphere. At present, Indians are very advanced in space technology via ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation).

Indians have second largest army in the world after China. At present, there are many advanced weapons in Indian Forces.

Indian Forces have Brahmos Missile, Akash Missile, Agni-2, Agni-3, Agni-4 & Agni-5, T-90 Tank, T-72 Tank and many others.

In 2020, Indian Airforce will have Raffel which have been purchased from France. S-400 Anti Missile System was purchased from Russia by Indian Forces. They are 5 in the cost of 40000 crore Rupees.

So India is very strong country in the matter of Defence System but in 1947 after Independence, India was not so strong in Defence. India was not so strong in Space Technology. But at present, we are……

But why do Indians depend on China after independence?…….

Something wrong with Indians…..

Something wrong with Indian Government……

Something wrong with Foreign Policy of India…….

Now this is the time that Every Indian must wake up……….

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