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This quiz will submit in:

This quiz will submit in:

Question 1

I couldn't believe............it took them to process my application.

Question 2

The furniture.............quite new.

Question 3

Improve the sentence.

We can go out whenever we choose to, isn't it ?

Question 4

What is the function of 'Present Perfect' tense ?

Question 5

Find Synonym.


Question 6

The climate of Patna is better than...........of Gaya.

Question 7

.........God help you !

Question 8

There are four clubs here and..........club would feel honoured to have Vinod as its member.

Question 9

Select the option that is nearer to meaning to the bold word.

A good work place shall not encourage ineptitude even in a hidden manner.

Question 10

Spotting the error.

The writer (a) / of this poetry (b) / is Wordsworth.(c) / No error (d)

Question 11

Choose the noun in the following sentence.

Akbar was one of the greatest kings of India.

Question 12

Spotting the error.

As you know (a) / that the ignorant (b) / are easily duped. (c) / No error (d)

Question 13

Improve the sentence.

Them shoes are mine.

Question 14

Select the most appropriate option for the given coloured idiom/phrase.

He makes decision on the fly.

Question 15

If it rains, he ..........come in time.

Question 16

Choose the word opposite in meaning.


Question 17

Choose the one which best expresses the meaning of the given word.


Question 18

If a thief came into my room, I.........you.

Question 19

Improve the sentence.

Heavy work has been thrusted on me.

Question 20

Improve the sentence.

Mr Sharma has been living in this city since five years.

Question 21

Select the most appropriate option for the given idiom/phrase.

Best of both worlds

Question 22

Select the most appropriate option for the given idiom/phrase.

You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours

Question 23

Having secured the highest marks in the class, ............

Question 24

Improve the sentence.

My father has given his ascent for my long tour.

Question 25

Which is the adjective in the given sentence ?

The tall girl met a boy.

Question 26

What is the collective noun of 'merchants' ?

Question 27

We........not to walk on the grass.

Question 28

Kavita could not meet her uncle. The gender of the coloured word is........

Question 29

..........dog is a faithful animal.

Question 30

Find the word which is opposite in meaning.



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