Question 1

Find Synonym.


Question 2

Spotting the error.

As I was leaving for Delhi, (a) / he asked me whether (b) / I could buy a tape recorder for him. (c) / No error (d)

Question 3

As he was............. and had saved enough money, his family escaped misery when he died suddenly.

Question 4

Find Synonym.


Question 5

The whole lot young men was very enthusiastic but your friend alone was...........

Question 6

Find the word which is opposite in meaning.


Question 7

Choose the opposite word of the coloured word.

The baby could not move as the place was soggy.

Question 8

Spotting the part of the sentence which has an error.

The visitor's to the zoo are requested, (a) / in the interest of all concerned, (b) / not to carry sticks, stones or food inside and not to tease animals. (c) / No error (d)

Question 9

After the marathon, some of the competitors felt completely..............

Question 10

Ravi has the habit of...........a headache.

Question 11

Every rash driver becomes a .............killer.

Question 12

Spotting the error.

He (a)/ is addicted (b)/ with smoking. (c)/ No error (d)

Question 13

Spotting the part of the sentence which has an error.

Electricity companies are (a) / working throughout (b) / days and nights to repair the damage. (c) / No error.

Question 14

Improve the sentence.

My brother is looking forward to meeting his employer tomorrow.

Question 15

Improve the sentence.

My father has given his ascent for my long tour.

Question 16

Choose the correct option in Passive Voice.

India won freedom with the blood and sweat of hundreds and thousands of Indians.

Question 17

Spotting the part of the sentence which has an error.

I asked him (a) / what he (b) / has done. (c) / No error (d)

Question 18

Select the option that is nearest in meaning to the coloured word.

The soldiers repulsed the enemy.

Question 19

Select the most appropriate option for the given idiom/phrase.

A pearl of wisdom

Question 20

Find Synonym.


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