6 Amazing Ways To Motivate Yourself

6 Amazing Ways To Motivate Yourself
6 Amazing Ways To Motivate Yourself

6 Amazing Ways To Motivate Yourself

1. Simplify your life

The great Green Bay Packer’s football coach Vince Lombardi was once
asked why his world championship team, which had so many multitalented players,

ran such a simple set of plays. “It’s hard to be
aggressive when you’re confused,” he said.
One of the benefits of creatively planning your life is that it allows you
to simplify. You can weed out, delegate, and eliminate all activities that
don’t contribute to your projected goals.

6 Amazing Ways To Motivate Yourself

Another effective way to simplify your life is to combine your tasks.
Combining allows you to achieve two or more objectives at once.
For example, as I plan my day today, I notice that I need to shop for my
family after work. That’s a task I can’t avoid because we’re running out
of everything. I also note that one of my goals is to finish reading my
daughter Stephanie’s book reports.

I realize, too, that I’ve made a
decision to spend more time doing things with all my kids, as I’ve tended
lately to just come home and crash at the end of a long day.

An aggressive orientation to the day—making each day simpler and
stronger than the day before—allows you to look at all of these tasks
and small goals and ask yourself, “What can I combine?” (Creativity is
really little more than making unexpected combinations, in music,
architecture, anything, including your day.)

6 Amazing Ways To Motivate Yourself

After some thought, I realize that I can combine shopping with doing
something with my children. (That looks obvious and easy, but I can’t
count the times I mindlessly go shopping, or do things on my own just to
get them done, and then run out of time to play with the kids.)

I also think a little further and remember that the grocery store where
we shop has a little deli with tables in it. My kids love to make lists and
go up and down the aisles themselves to fill the grocery cart, so I decide
to read my daughter’s book reports at the deli while they travel the
aisles for food.

6 Amazing Ways To Motivate Yourself

They see where I’m sitting, and keep coming over to
update me on what they are choosing. After an hour or so, three things
have happened at once: 1) I’ve done something with the kids; 2) I’ve
read through the book reports; and 3) the shopping has been completed.
In her book, Brain Building, Marilyn Vos Savant recommends
something similar to simplify life.

She advises that we make a list of
absolutely every small task that has to be done, say, over the weekend,
and then do them all at once, in one exciting focused action. A manic
blitz. In other words, fuse all small tasks together and make the doing of
them one task so that the rest of the weekend is absolutely free to create
as we wish.

6 Amazing Ways To Motivate Yourself

Bob Koether, who I will talk about later as the president of Infincom,
has the most simplified time management system I’ve ever seen in my
life. His method is this: Do everything right on the spot—don’t put
anything unnecessarily into your future. Do it now, so that the future is
always wide open.

Watching him in action is always an experience.
I’ll be sitting in his office and I’ll mention the name of a person whose
company I’d like to take my training to in the future.
“Will you make a note to get in touch with him and let him know I’ll be
calling?” I ask.

6 Amazing Ways To Motivate Yourself

“Make a note?” he asks in horror.
The next thing I know, before I can say anything, Bob’s wheeling in his
chair and dialing the person on the phone. Within two minutes he’s
scheduled a meeting between the person and me and after he puts down
the phone he says, “Okay, done! What’s next?”

I tell him I’ve prepared the report he wanted on training for his service
teams and I hand it to him.
“You can read it later and get back to me,” I offer.
“Hold on a second,” he says, already deeply absorbed in reading the
report’s content. After 10 minutes or so,

6 Amazing Ways To Motivate Yourself

during which time he’s read much of what interests him aloud, the report
has been digested, discussed, and filed.
It’s a time management system like no other. What could you call it?
Perhaps, Handle Everything Immediately. It keeps Bob’s life simple. He
is an aggressive and successful CEO, and, as Vince Lombardi said, “It’s
hard to be aggressive when you’re confused.”

Most people are reluctant to see themselves as being creative because
they associate creativity with complexity. But creativity is simplicity.
Michelangelo said that he could actually see his masterpiece, “The
David,” in the huge, rough rock he discovered in a marble quarry.

His only job, he said, was to carve away what wasn’t necessary and he
would have his statue. Achieving simplicity in our cluttered and hectic
lives is also an ongoing process of carving away what’s not necessary.

My most dramatic experience of the power of simplicity occurred in
1984 when I was hired to help write the television and radio
advertisements for Jim Kolbe, a candidate for United States Congress
running in Arizona’s Fifth District. In that campaign, I saw firsthand
how focus, purpose, and simplicity can work together to create a great

6 Amazing Ways To Motivate Yourself

Based on prior political history, Kolbe had about a 3 percent chance of
winning the election. His opponent was a popular incumbent
congressman, during a time when incumbents were almost never
defeated by challengers.

In addition, Kolbe was a Republican in a
largely Democratic district. And the final strike against him was that he
had tried once before to defeat this same man, Jim McNulty, and had

The voters had already spoken on the issue.
Kolbe himself supplied the campaign with its sense of purpose. A
tireless campaigner with unwavering
principles, he emanated his sense of mission and we all drew energy
from him.

6 Amazing Ways To Motivate Yourself

Political consultant Joe Shumate, one of the shrewdest people I’ve ever
worked with, kept us all focused with consistent campaign strategy. It
was the job of the advertising and media work to keep it strong and

Although our opponent ran nearly 15 different TV ads, each one about a
different issue, we determined from the outset that we would stick to
the same message throughout, from the first ad to the last. We basically
ran the same ad over and over.

We knew that although the district was
largely Democratic, our polling showed that philosophically it was more
conservative. Kolbe himself was conservative, so his views coincided
with the voters’ better than our opponent’s did, although the voters
weren’t yet aware of it.

By having each of our ads focused on our
simple theme—who better represents you—we gained rapidly in the
polls as election night neared.

The nightlong celebration of Jim Kolbe’s upset victory brought a huge
message home to me: The simpler you keep it, the stronger it gets.
Kolbe won a close victory that night, but he remains in Congress today,
more than 10 years later, and his victory margins are now huge.

6 Amazing Ways To Motivate Yourself

He has
never complicated his message, and he has kept his politics strong and
simple, even when it looked unpopular to do so.
It’s hard to stay motivated when you’re confused. When you simplify
your life, it gathers focus. The more you can focus your life, the more
motivated it gets.

6 Amazing Ways To Motivate Yourself

2. Look for the lost gold

When I am happy, I see the happiness in others. When I am
compassionate, I see the compassion in other
people. When I am full of energy and hope, I see opportunities all
around me.

But when I am angry, I see other people as unnecessarily testy. When I
am depressed, I notice that people’s eyes look sad. When I am weary, I
see the world as boring and unattractive.
Who I am is what I see!

If I drive into Phoenix and complain, “What a crowded, smog-ridden
mess this place is!” I am really expressing what a crowded, smog-ridden
mess I am at that moment. If I had been feeling motivated that day, and
full of hope and happiness, I could just as easily have said, while driving
into Phoenix, “Wow, what a thriving, energetic metropolis this is!”

Again, I would have been describing my inner landscape, not Phoenix’s.
Our self-motivation suffers most from how we choose to see the
circumstances in our lives. That’s because we don’t see things as they
are, we see things as we are.

6 Amazing Ways To Motivate Yourself

In every circumstance, we can look for the gold, or look for the filth.
And what we look for, we find. The best starting point for
self-motivation is in what we choose to look for in what we see around
us. Do we see the opportunity everywhere?

“When I open my eyes in the morning,” said Colin Wilson, “I am not
confronted by the world, but by a million possible worlds.”
It is always our choice. Which world do we want to see today?

Opportunity is life’s gold. It’s all you need to be happy. It’s the fertile
field in which you grow as a person. And opportunities are like those
subatomic quantum particles that come into existence only when they
are seen by an observer. Your opportunities will multiply when you
choose to see them.

6 Amazing Ways To Motivate Yourself

3. Push all your own buttons

Have you ever peeked into the cockpit of a large airliner as you boarded
a plane? It’s an impressive display of buttons, levers, dials, and switches
under one big windshield.

What if, as you were boarding, you overheard the pilot say to the
co-pilot, “Joe, remind me, what does this set of buttons do?”

If I heard that, it would make it a rough flight for me. But most of us
pilot our own lives that way, without much knowledge of the
instruments. We don’t take the time to learn where our own buttons are,
or what they can do.

From now on, make it a personal commitment to notice everything that
pushes your buttons. Make a note of everything that inspires you. That’s
your control panel. Those buttons operate your whole system of
personal motivation.

6 Amazing Ways To Motivate Yourself

Motivation doesn’t have to be accidental. For example, you don’t have
to wait for hours until a certain song comes on the radio that picks up
your spirits. You can control what songs you hear.

If there are certain songs that always lift you up, make a tape or CD of
those songs and have it ready to play in your car. Go through all of your
music and create a “greatest motivational hits” tape for yourself.
Use the movies, too.

How many times do you leave a movie feeling inspired and ready to
take on the world? Whenever that happens, put the name of the movie
in a special notebook that you might label “the right buttons.” Six
months to a year later, you can rent the movie and get the same inspired
feeling. Most movies that inspire us are even better the second time

6 Amazing Ways To Motivate Yourself

You have much more control over your environment than you realize.
You can begin programming yourself consciously to be more and more
focused and motivated. Get to know your control panel and learn how
to push your own buttons. The more you know about how you operate,
the easier it will be to motivate yourself.

6 Amazing Ways To Motivate Yourself

4. Build a track record

It’s not what we do that makes us tired—it’s what we don’t do. The tasks
we don’t complete cause the most fatigue.
I was giving a motivational seminar to a utility company recently, and
during one of the breaks a small man who looked to be in his 60s came
up to me.

“My problem,” he said, “is that I never seem to finish anything. I’m
always starting things—this project and that, but I never finish. I’m
always off on to something else before anything is completed.”
He then asked whether I could give him some affirmations that might
alter his belief system. He correctly saw the problem as being one of

6 Amazing Ways To Motivate Yourself

Because he did not believe he was a good finisher, he did not
finish anything. So he wanted a magical word or phrase to repeat to
himself that would brainwash him into being different.

“Do you think affirmations are what you need?” I asked him. “If you
had to learn how to use a computer, could you do it by sitting on your
bed and repeating the affirmations, ‘I know how to use a computer. I am
great at using computers. I am a wizard on a computer’?”

He admitted that affirmations would probably have no effect on his
ability to use a computer.
“The best way to change your belief system is to change the truth about
you,” I said. “We believe the truth
faster than we believe false affirmations. To believe that you are a good
finisher, you must begin by building a track record of finished tasks.”
He followed my suggestions with great enthusiasm. He bought a
notebook and at the top of the first page he wrote, “Things I’ve

” Each day, he made a point of setting small goals and finishing
them. Whereas in the past he would be sweeping his front walk and
leave it unfinished when the phone rang, now he’d let the phone ring so
he could finish the job and record it in his notebook. The more things he
wrote down, the more confident he became that he was truly becoming
a finisher. And he had a notebook to prove it.

6 Amazing Ways To Motivate Yourself

Consider how much more permanent his new belief was than if he had
tried to do it with affirmations. He could have whispered to himself all
night long, “I am a great finisher,” but the right side of his brain would
have known better. It would have said to him, “No you’re not.”

Stop worrying about what you think of yourself and start building a
track record that proves that you can motivate yourself to do whatever
you want to do.

6 Amazing Ways To Motivate Yourself

5. Welcome the unexpected

Most people do not see themselves as being creative, but we all are.
Most people say, “My sister’s creative, she paints,” or “My father’s
creative, he sings and writes music.” We miss the point that we are all

One of the reasons we don’t see ourselves that way is that we normally
associate being “creative” with being “original.” But in reality, creativity
has nothing to do with originality—it has everything to do with being

You don’t have to be original to be creative. In fact, it sometimes helps
to realize that no one is original.

Even Mozart said that he never wrote an original melody in his life. His
melodies were all recombinations of old folk melodies.

6 Amazing Ways To Motivate Yourself

Look at Elvis Presley. People thought he was a true original when he
first came upon the scene. But he wasn’t. He was just the first white
person to ever sing with enthusiasm. His versions of songs, however,
were often direct copies from African-American rhythm and blues

Elvis acknowledged that his entire style was a combination of
Little Richard, Jackie Wilson, and James Brown, as well as a variety of
gospel singers.
Although Elvis wasn’t original, he was creative. Because he was so

If you believe you were created in the image of your Creator, then you
must, therefore, be creative. Then, if you’re willing to see yourself as
creative, you can begin to cultivate it in everything you do. You can
start coming up with all kinds of unexpected solutions to the challenges
that life throws at you.

6 Amazing Ways To Motivate Yourself

6. Find your master key

I used to have the feeling that everyone else in life had at one time or
another been issued instruction books on how to make life work. And I,
for some reason, wasn’t there when they passed them out.

I felt a little like the Spanish poet Cesar Vallejo, who wrote, “Well, on
the day I was born, God was sick.”

Still struggling in my mid-30s with a pessimistic outlook and no sense of
purpose, I voiced my frustration once to a friend of mine, Dr. Mike
Killebrew, who recommended a book to me. Until that time, I didn’t
really believe that there could be a book that could tell you how to
make your life work.

The name of the book was The Master Key to Riches by Napoleon Hill.
It sat on my shelf for quite awhile. I didn’t believe in motivational books
or self-help. They were for weak and gullible fools.

I was finally
persuaded to read the book by the word riches in the title. Riches would
be a welcome addition to my life. Riches were probably what I needed
to make me happy and wipe out my troubles.

6 Amazing Ways To Motivate Yourself

What the book actually did was a lot more than increase my earning
capacity (although by practicing the principles in the book, my earnings
doubled in less than a year). Napoleon Hill’s advice ultimately sparked a
fire in me that changed my entire life.

I soon acquired an ability that I would later realize was self-motivation.
After reading that book, I read all of Napoleon Hill’s books. I also began
buying motivational audiobooks for listening to in my car and for
playing by my bed as I went to sleep each night.

Everything I had
learned in school, in college, and from my family and friends was out
the window. Without fully understanding it, I was engaging in the
process of completely rebuilding my own thinking. I was, thought by
thought, replacing the old cynical and passive orientation to life with a
new optimistic and energetic outlook.

So, what is this master key to riches?
“The great master key to riches,” said Hill, “is nothing more or less than
the self-discipline necessary to help you take full and complete
possession of your own mind. Remember, it is profoundly significant
that the only thing over which you have complete control is your own
mental attitude.”

6 Amazing Ways To Motivate Yourself

Taking complete possession of my own mind would be a lifelong
adventure, but it was one that I was excited about beginning.

Maybe Hill’s book will not be your own master key, but I promise you
that you’ll find an instruction book on how to make your life work if you
keep looking. It might be The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, The Last
Word in Power by Tracy Goss, Frankenstein’s Castle by Colin Wilson,
or The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem by Nathaniel Branden.

All those
books would have worked the primary transformation for me, and they
have all taken me higher up the motivational ladder. Your own key
might even come from the spiritual literature of your choice. You’ll find
it when you’re ready to seek. It’s out there waiting for you.

6 Amazing Ways To Motivate Yourself

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6 Amazing Ways To Motivate Yourself

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6 Amazing Ways To Motivate Yourself

6 Amazing Ways To Motivate Yourself

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