200 Amazing Sports Questions For GK GS

200 Amazing Sports Questions For GK GS
200 Amazing Sports Questions For GK GS


Olympic Games:

Ancient Olympic games were first held in the honour of the Greek God, Zeus in 776 BC.

The modern Olympic games were played in 1896. These games were started by Pierre de Coubertin. These games are played once in four years. International Olympic Committee (IOC) was established in 1894 at Chakhone. Its head office is in Lusane (Switzerland). There are one leader, three deputy leaders and seven other members in IOC. The first chief of IOC was ‘Dimitriyas’ from ‘Greece’. His duration as a chief of IOC was 1894 to 1896.

‘Indian Olympic Council’ was established in 1924 and its first chief was Sir J.J.Tata.

200 Amazing Sports Questions For GK GS

Olympic Symbol:

It comprises five rings or circles, linked together to represent the sporting friendship of all people. The rings also symbolize the continents – Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and America. Each ring is of a different colour i.e blue, yellow, black, green and red.

200 Amazing Sports Questions For GK GS

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Olympic Flag:

The Olympic flag was created in 1913 at the suggestion of ‘Pierre de Coubertin’. It was inaugurated in Paris in 1914 but it was raised over an Olympic stadium for the first time at the Antwerp games (Belgium) in 1920.

Olympic Flame:

It was at the Amsterdam Games in 1928 that for the first time an Olympic flame was lighted and burned in a giant torch at the entrance of the stadium. The modern version of the flame was adopted in 1936 at the Berlin games.

Olympic Motto:

The Olympic motto is  ‘Citius- Altius- Fortius’ (Faster, Higher, Stronger). This motto is composed by Father Didon in 1897.This motto was presented first time in 1920 in Antwerp (Belzium).

200 Amazing Sports Questions For GK GS

Olympic Prizes and Medals:

While in ancient times the Olympic heroes received a crown of olive branches and in modern time, Olympic champions are rewarded with medals and certificates. The winning athlete now receives a Gold medal, the athlete in the second place is awarded a Silver medal and the third placed athlete wins a Bronze medal. In addition, all athletes ranking from first to sixth receive a certificate.

Some Main Points:

  • Participation of women in the Olympic Games started in the Second Olympic Games in 1900.
  • First Indian player who participated in the Olympic games was an Anglo Indian ‘ Norman Prichard’ who took part in the Second Olympic Games in 1900 and won two Silver medals in Athletics.
  • Marrie Lila Ro is first Indian woman participant in the Olympic games.
  • Generally, in the inaugural ceremony of Olympic games the team of Greece got first place and host team is placed in the last in March past parade. The other teams are placed in the alphabetical order of English Alphabets.
  • The maximum number of gold medal winner sports woman is Larina Lavyanina. She won 18 medals including 9 gold medals.
  • The maximum Gold medal winner  sports woman in an Olympic is Christina Otty. She got 6 Gold medals in swimming in Seoul Olympic of 1986.
  • The maximum Gold medal winner male player is an Olympic is Michael Phelps of USA. He won 8 Gold medals in swimming in the Beijing Olympics 2008. His nickname is ‘ Golden Shark’.
  • The tradition of taking oath in Olympic Games started in 1920 (Antwerp Olympic).
  • The tradition of mascot in Olympic Games started in 1968 (Mexico Olympic).
  • The live telecast of Olympic Games on television started in 1960 (Rome Olympic).
200 Amazing Sports Questions For GK GS

Olympic Games from 2008 to 2020

Beijing  China Asia 2008 XXIX
London  United Kingdom Europe 2012 XXX
Rio de Janeiro  Brazil Americas 2016 XXXI
Tokyo  Japan Asia 2020 XXXII
200 Amazing Sports Questions For GK GS


  • The first Games for disabled athletes were held in 1948 in Stoke Mandeville, England. On the day of opening ceremony of the 1948 Olympic Games in London, the Stoke Mandeville Games were also launched and the first competition for wheelchair bound athletes was organised.
  • Olympic style Games for athletes with disability were organised for the first time in Rome in 1960, immediately after the Olympic Games. They are considered the first Paralympic Games. Since then, Paralympic Games have been organised after every four years. The Paralympic Games have always been held in the same year as the Olympic Games.

Winter Olympic Games

Winter Olympic Games from 2010 to 2022

      These games were started in 1924 (Chaomonix, France).

Year Host city Country
2022 Beijing China
2018 Pyeongchang South Korea
2014 Sochi Russia
2010 Vancouver Canada
200 Amazing Sports Questions For GK GS

Commonwealth Games

After Olympics, Commonwealth Games (CWG) is the second largest sports festival in the world. The Games are held once in four years but only in between the Olympic years. The Games were originally known as the British Empire Games. The first CWG were held in 1930 at Hamilton, Canada.11 countries participated in the first CWG in 1930. India, for the first time, participated in the second Commonwealth Games held in London in 1934.

CWG from 2002 to 2018

XVII 2002 Manchester  England
XVIII 2006 Melbourne  Australia
XIX 2010 Delhi  India
XX 2014 Glasgow  Scotland
XXI 2018 Gold Coast  Australia

XXII       2022    Birmingham      England

200 Amazing Sports Questions For GK GS

Asian Games

The first Asian Games began in 1951 in New Delhi, India. The Asian Game Association has chosen shining sun as its symbol. The AGF ( Asian Games Federation) adopted ‘ Ever Onward’ given by Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, as the motto of the Asian Games. The emblem of Asian Games is a ‘bright full rising sun’ with interlocking rings. The Maharaja of Patiala presented the Torch and the Flag for the first Asian Games and since then they have been carried from country to country.

The Asian Games is the most prestigious event organised by the Olympic Council of Asia. Similar to the Olympic Games, the Asian Games are held every four years.

Asian Games from 2002 to 2022

XIV 2002 Busan  South Korea
XV 2006 Doha  Qatar
XVI 2010 Guangzhou  China
XVII 2014 Incheon  South Korea
XVIII 2018 Jakarta-Palembang  Indonesia
XIX 2022 Hangzhou  China
XX 2026 Nagoya  Japan
200 Amazing Sports Questions For GK GS

SAF Games

SAF means The South Asian Federation. This is a sport festival of South Asian Countries. The South Asian Sports Federation comprising India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan and Maldives was formed in New Delhi (India) in 1982.

The first SAF Games were held in Kathmandu (Nepal) in 1984.

The new name of SAF Games is South Asian Games, according to a decision taken by The South Asian Sports Federation in 2004.

These games held every two years except for some occasions.

200 Amazing Sports Questions For GK GS

Flag and Motto of the SAF Games:

The SAF Games flag includes a dove, suggesting the desire for peace in the area. The motto of the SAF Games is ‘Peace, Prosperity and Progress’. The governing body of these games is South Asian Sports Council (SASC), formed in 1983. At present, SAG are joined by eight members namely Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India,  Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka.

SAF or SAG from 2010 to 2018

XI 2010 Dhaka  Bangladesh
XII 2016 Guwahati and Shillong  India
XIII 2018 Kathmandu    Nepal
200 Amazing Sports Questions For GK GS


  • It is believed that Cricket was started in England in 1300 A.D.
  • After some time, ‘Merylebone Cricket Club’ (M.C.C) was formed at Lords in London.
  • Cricket became popular in Australia due to British influence there.
  • The first official cricket test match was played in 1877 between Australia and England in Melbourne.
  • The first One Day International cricket match was played in 1971 between Australia and England in Melbourne.
  • The first World Cup of one day matches was played in 1975 in London. West Indies won the World Cup beating Australia by 17 Runs.
  • The apex institution of world cricket is the ‘International Cricket Council’ (ICC) and its headquarters is now in Dubai from 1 August, 2005. Earlier it was in Lords (England).
  • In India, Cricket was introduced by British Royalty. Parsee community of India was the first to take part in Cricket in 1848.
  • Raja Bhupindra Singh of Patiala donated the Ranji Trophy in 1934 for the national championship of Cricket.
  • The Board of Control for Cricket in India was formed in 1927. 
  • India were the defending champions, having won the tournament in 2011. 
200 Amazing Sports Questions For GK GS

Cricket World Cups from 1975 to 2023

1975 West Indies   Australia England
1979 West Indies  Australia England
1983 India  West Indies England
1987 Australia  England India & Pakistan
1992 Pakistan England Australia & New Zealand
1996 Sri Lanka  Australia Pakistan & India
1999 Australia  Pakistan England
2003 Australia  India South Africa
2007 Australia  Sri Lanka West Indies
2011 India  Sri Lanka India & Bangladesh
2015 Australia  New Zealand Australia & New Zealand
2019 England New Zealand England
2023 India
200 Amazing Sports Questions For GK GS

Champions of World Cups

Best result
 Australia Champions (1987, 1999, 2003, 2007, 2015)
 India Champions (1983, 2011)
 West Indies Champions (1975, 1979)
 Pakistan Champions (1992)
 Sri Lanka Champions (1996)

  England          Champions (2019)

200 Amazing Sports Questions For GK GS

ICC T-20 Cricket World Cup

  • The first ICC T-20 World Cup Cricket held in South Africa in 2007.
  • Inaugural match was played between the host S. Africa and West Indies.
  • In the final match of first T-20 World Cup, India thrashed Pakistan by 5 runs and clinched the first T-20 World Cup trophy.


T-20 Cricket World Cups

Year Winner Runner Up
2016 West Indies England
2014 Sri Lanka India
2012 West Indies Sri Lanka
2010 England Australia
2009 Pakistan Sri Lanka
2007 India Pakistan

 2021          Australia                         New Zealand

 2022          England                          Pakistan

200 Amazing Sports Questions For GK GS

Champions of T-20 World Cups

 West Indies Champions (2012, 2016)
 Sri Lanka Champions (2014)
 India Champions (2007)
 Pakistan Champions (2009)
 England Champions (2010,2022)

   Australia        Champions (2021)

200 Amazing Sports Questions For GK GS


  • It is believed that Football is also of British origin.
  • The first football club of the world ‘Sheffield Football Club’ was founded in 1857 in England.
  • Football was introduced in India by the Britishers in 1848 and the first football club of India was ‘Dalhousie Club’.
  • The Indian Football Association, the oldest football association in the east, was formed in 1878.
  • The apex institution of football is FIFA (Federation of International de Football Association) which was formed in 1904.
  • The headquarters of FIFA is in Paris (France).
  • Football was included in Olympic Games in 1908.
  • India took part in the World Olympic Football in 1948 in London.
  • The first World Cup was organised at Monte Video (Uruguay) in 1930.
  • The trophy awarded in Football is called Santosh Trophy, which was donated in the memory of Manmath Nath Roy Chaudhary of Santosh (now a part of Bangladesh).
  • Durand Cup Tournament, the oldest football tournament of India and the second oldest tournament of the world was started in 1888.
  • Durand Cup Tournament was first organised at Shimla and is being held in Delhi since 1940.
  • FIFA World Cup is played after every four years.
200 Amazing Sports Questions For GK GS

Some Main Football World Cups

Year Host Continent Winner
1930  Uruguay South America  Uruguay
1934  Italy Europe  Italy
1938  France Europe  Italy
1942 Cancelled due to World War II
1946 Cancelled due to World War II
1998  France Europe  France
2002  South Korea /Japan Asia  Brazil
2006  Germany Europe  Italy
2010  South Africa Africa  Spain
2014  Brazil South America  Germany
2018  Russia Europe  France
2022  Qatar Asia Argentina
200 Amazing Sports Questions For GK GS


  • The first Hockey Club was ‘ Blackheath Rugby and Hockey Club’ which was set up in 1861 in England.
  • The apex institution of hockey is FIH (Federation Internationale de Hockey), was established in 1924.
  • The headquarters of FIH is at Vienna (Austria) and later shifted to Paris (France).
  • The first International Hockey Match was played between Wales and Ireland in1895.
  • Hockey was introduced in the Olympic Games for the first time in 1908 in London.
  • Indian Hockey Federation (IHF) was formed in 1925.
  • All India Women’s Hockey Federation was formed in 1947.
  • India took part in Hockey in Olympics in 1928 (Amsterdam, Netherlands).
  • In Olympics, India has won the hockey title a maximum of 8 times.
  • The first World Cup Hockey was played in Barcelona (Spain) in 1971.
200 Amazing Sports Questions For GK GS

Hockey World Cups

Year Host Final
Winner Runner-up
1971 Barcelona, Spain
1973 Amstelveen, Netherlands
1975 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
1978 Buenos Aires, Argentina
1982 Bombay, India
West Germany
1986 London, England
1990 Lahore, Pakistan
1994 Sydney, Australia
1998 Utrecht, Netherlands
2002 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2006 Mönchengladbach, Germany
2010 New Delhi, India
2014 The Hague, Netherlands
2018 Bhubaneswar, India Belgium Netherlands

2023  Bhubaneswar           Germany            Belgium

          and Rourkela                    


200 Amazing Sports Questions For GK GS

Champions of Hockey World Cup

Team Titles
 Pakistan 4 (1971, 1978, 1982, 1994)
 Netherlands 3 (1973*, 1990, 1998*)
 Australia 3 (1986, 2010, 2014)
 Germany 2 (2002, 2006*, 2023)
 India 1 (1975)

  Belgium       1 [2018]

Cups and Trophies

  • Hockey: Aga Khan Cup, Maharaja Ranjit Singh Gold Cup, Nehru Trophy, Sindhia Gold Cup, Wellington Cup.
  • Football: Confederation Cup, DCM Trophy, Durand Cup, Rovers Cup, B.C Rai Trophy, FIFA World Cup, Kalinga Cup, Santosh Trophy, Scissor Cup, Subroto Mukherjee Cup, Vittal Trophy.
  • Cricket: Benson and Hedges Cup, Bose Trophy, Champions Trophy, C.K.Naidu Trophy, Deodhar Trophy, Duleep Trophy, ICC World Cup, Irani Trophy, Jawahar Lal Nehru Cup, Merchant Cup, Nat West Trophy, Rani Jhansi Trophy, Ranji Trophy, Vijay Hazare Trophy.
  • Table Tennis: Berna Bellack Cup (Men), Corbillion Cup (Women), Jai Laxmi Cup (Women), Ramanuja Trophy (Men Junior).
  • Badminton: Amrit Diwan Cup, Chaddha Cup, Konica Cup, Narang Cup, Sophia Cup, Thomas Cup, Uber Cup.
  • Basket Ball: Federation Cup, William Jones Cup, Nehru Cup.
  • Polo: Ezra Cup, Radha Mohan Cup, Winchester Cup.
  • Athletics: Charminar Trophy.
  • Billiards: Arthur Walker Trophy.
  • Golf: Canada Cup, Nomura Trophy, Ryder Cup, Walker Cup.
  • Chess: Naidu Trophy, Lin Arec Trophy.
  • Shooting: North Wales Cup, Welsh Grand Prix.
200 Amazing Sports Questions For GK GS

Famous Stadia and Sports

National Stadium – Hockey (Delhi)

Shivaji Stadium – Hockey (Delhi)

Indraprastha Stadium  – Indoor Games (Delhi)

Jawahar Lal Nehru – Athletics (Delhi)

Ferozeshah Kotla – Cricket (Delhi)

Ambedkar Stadium – Football (Delhi)

Wankhede Stadium – Cricket (Mumbai)

Brabourne Stadium – Cricket (Mumbai)

Eden Gardens – Cricket (Kolkata)

Green Park Stadium – Cricket (Kanpur)

Keenan Stadium –  Cricket (Jamshedpur)

Nehru (Chepak) – Cricket (Chennai)

Varabati Stadium – Cricket (Cuttack)

Flemington – Horse Racing Melbourne (Australia)

Lords, Oval, Leeds – Cricket, England (U.K)

Black Heath – Rugby, London (U.K)

Wimbledon – Lawn Tennis London (U.K)

Brookland – Football, England (U.K)

Trent Bridge – Cricket, England (U.K)

White City – Dog Race England (U.K)

Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney – Cricket (Australia)

Brooklyn – Baseball New York (USA)

Forest Hill – Tennis (USA)

Sendy Lodge – Golf (Scotland)


200 Amazing Sports Questions For GK GS

National Games and Sports

England – Cricket

Japan – Judo

Australia – Cricket

Pakistan – Hockey

China – Table Tennis

Scotland – Rugby Football

Russia – Chess

India – Hockey

Canada – Ice Hockey, Lacrosse*

Spain – Bull Fighting

USA – Baseball

Malaysia – Badminton

Indonesia – Badminton

Bhutan – Archery

Brazil – Football

France – Football

Bangladesh – Kabaddi

Sri Lanka – Volleyball

Nepal – Dandi Biyo

Cuba – Baseball

Iceland – Hand ball

 * The game commonly known as ice hockey is hereby recognized and declared to be the national winter sport of Canada and the game commonly known as lacrosse is hereby recognized and declared to be the national summer sport of Canada.

200 Amazing Sports Questions For GK GS

Courts / Fields of Sports

Range – Shooting, Archery              

Rink – Ice Hockey

Pitch – Cricket

Track – Athletics

Field – Polo, Football, Hockey

Velodrome – Cycling

Arena – Horse riding

Mat – Judo, Karate, Taekwondo

Board – Table Tennis

Pool – Swimming

Course – Golf

Ring – Skating, Boxing

Diamond – Baseball

Court – Tennis, Badminton, Netball, Handball, Volleyball, Squash, Kho-kho, Kabaddi  

200 Amazing Sports Questions For GK GS

  Number of Players in Sports / Games

Lacrosse – 12

Basketball – 5

Volleyball – 6                                    

Netball, Kabaddi – 7

Hockey, Football, Cricket -11                             

Kho-Kho, Baseball – 9

Polo – 4

Water Polo – 7 

Rugby Football – 15       

200 Amazing Sports Questions For GK GS


200 Amazing Sports Questions For GK GS

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