[Best] Effects for India and China 2020 after COVID-19

Corona Effect : Potential energy will convert into kinetic energy, India and China 2020 after COVID-19 .

We know that time is not constant. It’s always changing. This is the time of Effects for India and China 2020. That is in the dust today, the fragrance of flowers will float tomorrow. The progress of the world was compressed like a spring. As COVID -19 will stop and daily activities of people in a full flow then the potential energy of the compressed spring will convert into kinetic energy of jet. Everyone will proceed in the economic aspect of the world to achieve what he desired during the phase of Corona.

Digital Revolution, India and China 2020 after COVID-19

Digital revolution decreases the cost of exchange, productivity increases. The service sector of India contributes approx 60% in GDP of India while for GDP of China, contribution of China service sector is approx 33%. This is a lot of difference and India can coin it in future.

During last decade, the infrastructure industry of China increased by 300%. This sector contributes the GDP of China BY 40% which is most. After this, service sector comes at second position.Effects for India and China 2020 after COVID-19

China Vs India after CORONA

Some economists tell that India and China both countries will move rapidly in their specialization segments. It is clear that India is the best in service sector while China is in manufacturing sector. After COVID-19, the image and goodwill of China retards in the whole world. Most of the companies want to root out from China & settle in other countries. Now the demand of the products of China is going in a negative direction. None wants to buy the products of China as China is a creator of pandemic COVID -19. If India gets a bit profit from this worst situation of China, India will multiply the probability of growth.

Manufacturing Sector

This is evident that China is a super power in manufacturing but labourers are required to go at workplace in manufacturing. Corona attacks in many stages so physical distance must be maintained. We can say that total work force will not be available at work places and manufacturing of China will suffer.

Service Sector

On the other hand, Service is such a part of business for which no gathering of work force or labourers is required at work places. A person who is in service sector, can give his service from any place in the world so Service sector of India will work with full capacity but China’s won’t in manufacturing sector.

Recently government of India made efforts to attract the foreign companies so It may be possible that we would have a healthy competition in manufacturing also to China.

So after COVID-19, it would be interesting to see the fight between India and China in their respective sectors.



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