[English] [Word Power] 50 Important Synonyms For All Competitive Exams

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[English] [Word Power]

50 Important Synonyms For All Competitive Exams

  1. Accomplice Partner in crime

  2. Assiduous Diligent, industrious

  3. Assimilate Absorb

  4. Ambush Sudden attack

  5. Acronym Words with the same first letter

  6. Auspicious Favourable

  7. Archaic Old fashioned, ancient, antique

  8. Avian Concerning birds

  9. Awkward Clumsy

  10. Allure Entice, tempt, cajole

  11. Abortive Useless

  12. Axiom Saying, Proverb

  13. Authentic Genuine

  14. Antipathy Hostility

  15. AbaseDegrade, disgrace, humiliate

  16. Affliction Distress, sorrow, sadness

  17. Alien Foreigner, stranger, unknown

  18. Alive Lively, living

  19. Audacious Bold, courageous, daring

  20. Abolish Eradicate, destroy, annihilate

  21. Abstain Refrain, avoid

  22. Accede Consent, agree, accept

  23. Accommodate Domicile, shelter

  24. Acrid Bitter, pungent, sharp

  25. Affection Fondness, love

  26. Aggravate Increase, exaggerate, enhance

  27. Aggregate Total, whole, lump

  28. Agony Pain, distress

  29. Allegation Accusation, charge, indictment

  30. Altitude Height

  31. Amateur Unskilled, not professional

  32. Ambition Desire, aspiration

  33. Amity Friendliness, harmony

  34. Amputate Truncate

  35. Anarchy Lawlessness, disorder

  36. Ancestor Forefather

  37. Ancient Antique, archaic

  38. Animated Lively, spirited

  39. Animosity Hostility, enmity

  40. Annoyance Irritation, vexation, nagging

  41. Anonymous Nameless, unknown

  42. Antagonistic Opposing

  43. Antidote Remedy, cure

  44. Anxious Careful, troubled

  45. Apparent Obvious, clear, evident, conspicuous

  46. Applause Laudation, praise, eulogy

  47. Arable Cultivable, tillable

  48. Argue Discuss, debate

  49. Arid Barren, dry

  50. Aroma Fragrance, incense


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