{BEST} 10 Tricks to crack the competition in 2020

Dear Students and friends,

We know very well that we face a new competition at every morning in our life to make ourselves satisfied. Some students get puzzled and a few reveal the secret how to crack competition in very limited time. Let’s have a look some tricks...

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(1) When a newcomer thinks about competition, he/she should feel his/her intense desire to achieve something in his life.

(2) Now he/she should think about his ability & capacity. These two terms are very important for a competitive student. Ability means “What you have” and Capacity means ” What you can”.

(3) Now use your ability, Search the correct path and the required tools to be succeed. This is the first step on which your future life will depend a lot so think twice and proceed.

(4) Now you have a goal so your mind will be hungry if you want to be succeed in your life really. This hunger or appetite can be quenched by knowledge only. At this time you are ready for hard work.

(5) Now use your capacity. Your mind is just like a empty pitcher. Fill it as much as you can. You can fill it . You will fill it.

(6) Now tools are required i.e appropriate books, Test papers & Lectures series etc. Every student is different so a same book may not be good for all students. Recognize your ability and capacity & search out the best book.

(7) Believe in yourself . No one can stop you except yourself.

(8) Prepare your time table for every subject. You must study at least 8 to 10 hours daily.

(9) At primary stage, you will face many problems & obstacles but don’t lose heart. Be determined & be optimistic.

(10) After 6 months, you will feel that your aptitude and attitude is better now. Now be continue in improving yourself until you achieve your goal.


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Composed by Mr Vikas Tomar

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