[English] Important Collective Nouns For All Competitive Exams

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Important Collective Nouns

Words Denoting Collection

  An album of photos/stamps.

  An anthology of poems.

  An army of soldiers.

  A band of musicians/robbers.

  A battalion of soldiers.

  A battery of guns.

  A beam of rays.

  A bench of judges.

  A bevy of girls.

  A board of directors/trustees.

  A bouquet of flowers.

  A bunch of grapes/keys.

  A bundle of clothes/sticks.

  A caravan of merchants/pilgrims/travellers.

  A century of years/runs.

  A chain of events/mountains.

  A class of persons/students/penguins.

  A clump of trees.

  A code of laws.

  A collection of coins/stamps.

  A company of actors.

  A congress of delegates/representatives.

  A consignment of goods.

  A constellation of stars.

  A council of advisers/ministers.

  A crew of sailors.

  A dynasty of kings/rulers.

  A fall of leaves/rain/snow.

  A fleet of cars/ships.

  A flock of customers.

  A forest of trees.

  A galaxy of bodies in the sky .

  A gallery of paintings/pictures.

  A gang of thieves/robbers/prisoners.

  A garland of flowers.

   A group of people.

  A grove of trees.

  A heap of ruins/sand.

   A herd of cattle.

   A horde of barbarians.

  A hoard of gold/jewels.

  A league of powers.

  A library of books.

  A litter of puppies.

  A multitude of people/problems.

  A nest of ants.

  An orchestra of musicians.

  A pack of cards/wolves.

  A panel of judges.

  A pile of arms.

  A queue of people.

  A quiver of arrows.

  A range of hills.

  A regiment of soldiers.

  A row of chairs.

  A series of events/lectures.

  A squad of soldiers.

  A staff of officials.

  A stock of goods.

  A suite of clothes.

  A suit of rooms.

  A syndicate of councillors/businessmen.

  A team of players.

  A train of wagons.

  A tribe of aborigines.

  A troop of lions/monkeys/soldiers.

  A troupe of actors/artistes.

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